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Free Delivery
Free Installations
Free Servicing
Free Repairs
Zero Deposit

Why Rent?

No Cash Outlay

With just 1 months rent to pay in advance, you can have the latest large screen TV or big drum washer without spending your hard earned cash.

No Repair Bills

Your monthly rental payment includes all service and repairs by our engineers, you have the peace of mind of no big repair bills and you are never without a machine as if we can't fix you machine in the home we will loan you a product.

Never More Than 24

We guarantee to repair or replace your rental item within 24 hours*, so no more waiting 2 weeks to have your washer repaired or being without a TV that's waiting for parts. For each service call we carry an equivalent to loan or replace if we can't repair your item in the house.

*excludes Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Never Need to Buy Again

With rental, you will never need to buy again because at the end of your equipment's useful life, we can simply replace it for new products so you can keep up to date with new technology.

Peace of Mind

Owning your own electrical equipment is never pain or cost free. Modern televisions regularly need software updates which require an engineer to install. All mechanical items need regular maintenance – all this comes totally free with rental.

Latest Technology

What you buy today is out of date tomorrow and having made such a big investment, you have to live with it until you can afford another. For example, what was once HD is now Full HD with Ultra HD available anytime soon, Freeview is now Freeview HD and a 6kg drum is now an 8kg and so it goes on. Rental gives you the opportunity to periodically keep up to date with new technology without the worry!