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Student Renals

Our Short 9 month student contracts make it ideal to have the big screen TV, washer, dryer and more with no deposit, no repair bills. Fast installation and low monthly payments.

We have special 9 month student contracts that are tailored to your academic year. Take advantage of our special student low rental prices on large and small screen Lcd TV’s, home cinema and personal video recorders. WE also rent washing machines, washer dryers, table dryers, Dysons, fridges and fridge freezers.

Renting really does make sense for students as there is no capital outlay, low monthly payments and absolutely no worries about what happens if the appliance breaks down. The rental prices includes all repair costs. In the event of a break down we send our own engineers to either repair or replace the item you are renting. We come out straight away to get you up and running without delay.

Renting gives you complete peace of mind and at the end of you academic year we simply collect the equipment

For more information either apply online or give us a call - installation is usually within 3 days.